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Getting Started


Vituum is a mix of words Vite (French word for "quick") and Tuum
(Estonian word for "core")

It's a small wrapper around Vite which includes predefined config and set of plugins.

  • Primary focus is on easy backend integration, but can be used for anything.
  • Modified build command vituum build is used, which supports building of template engine files ending with extname such as .twig and .latte

You can learn more about Vituum and its features at the Features page


Vituum is in early preview. Can be used for production, but some features may change over time.

  • some refactoring is needed, also not written in TypeScript at the time
  • tests via Vitest need to be written
  • template plugins are still experimental and feedback is welcome

Scaffolding Your First Vituum Project

$ mkdir my-project && cd my-project
$ npm i vituum --save-dev

Then add your Vituum config. You can run Vite after that.

$ npx vite

You can learn more about how to use Vituum in the examples bellow.

Trying Vituum Online

You can also try Vituum online on StackBlitz.

All sources can be found on GitHub.

Basic commands

  • vite - runs the vite dev server
  • vituum build - builds the files into public directory
  • vituum headless - builds all files except html into public directory
  • vituum cleanup - cleans the src and public dirs of built or temp files
  • vite preview - preview the built files via vite dev server

Released under the MIT License.